The ugliest cars of all time – Part 2

We’re going to continue looking at horrendous design crimes in the world of motoring, so fasten your seatbelt and brace yourself for some of the ugliest cars ever produced.

Nissan Cube

The MK1 cube was a plain and boring design, but the Mk 2 launched in 2002 and somehow managed to take a child’s drawing and turn it into a car. Everything from the wraparound window to the rear doors that open backwards is just odd. Not sure who at Nissan thought this would be a good idea, but there were rumours of a lot of Ketamine abuse in Japan around the turn of the century, so…


Aston Martin Lagonda

This monstrosity has the distinction of being the only truly ugly Aston Martin of all time. Originally launched in 1976 this was amazingly still produced until 1990. It’s stupidly wide and looks like it’s been squashed at the front. It was designed by Williams Town, who also designed a bizarre concept car called a microdot, which was a popular form of LSD in the 1970s. Sort of explains the weird proportions of the Lagonda.


Davis D2

The advertising for the Davis D2 said: “the car America asked for.” So, what American wants to own up to wanting a Robin Reliant with a body that looked like a torpedo? It’s weird enough on the outside, but the four-seater bench pushes this into the realms of super weird.


Suzuki X-90

Suzuki’s X-90 take the worst design elements of pickup trucks and combine it with the worst elements of a Mazda MX05 to create a monstrosity that could only be loved by low-cost hairdressers


Bond Bug

Bond was a niche car manufacturer who used technology from Reliant to create their own three-wheeler cars. This bizarrely shaped car was the basis of Luke Skywalker’s land speeder from Star Wars, which was designed by the same designer – Tom Karen. I think his iconic design for Star Wars was preferable to his designs for using here on Earth.

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