The ugliest cars of all time – Part 3

In our final part of our look at the oddities of the car world, we have some design crimes that should never be forgotten.

Corbin Sparrow

This electric powered commuter car looks like a cross between a Sinclair C5 and a Reliant Robin, except it takes the worst elements of both and makes a car that looks like it should be driven by a clown. Truly awful and downright bizarre


Reva G-Wiz

You may recognise this commuter car from Top Gear. It’s managed to make their “worst of” lists consistently. James May described it as “the worst car for this year and indeed every other year that we have breath in our bodies. It is the most stupid, useless and dangerous car ever to stalk the earth. It is totally terrible and disgusting” – high praise indeed!


Reliant Robin

Reliant’s three-wheeled vehicles are charming in their own way I suppose, but they have to be in this list. Del-Boy Trotter used a Reliant Robin van, which cemented its place in naff car history. Mr Bean used to terrorise the owner of one in his Mini too.


Chrysler PT Cruiser

The PT cruiser was supposed to take design cues from classic cars and modern cars to create a new standard in design. Unfortunately, the design is horrific. The front styling isn’t actually too bad, but the back end and boards down the side make it look truly bizarre. The build quality was terrible, the engines blew up and it had the turning circle of an oil tanker.


Lamborghini LM002

Lamborghini has designed some of the most beautiful cars of their era that adorned the wall of a million young boys’ bedrooms. Then they made this. Originally a design produced for the Saudi Arabian, Libyan and Iraqi military, the V12 powered dune buggy. The forerunner to the Hummer, this is a truly awful piece of car history.

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